I’m an abstract artist living in Moscow, Russia.

I make my paintings expressing myself, my feelings, fears, ideas and beliefs. Maximum immaterial: cloudy, ephemeral. To paraphrase Brodsky, my main task is to show the extreme points of the sensual range.

Neurobiologists believe that the lifetime of emotions in our brain and body is only 90 seconds. All we have to do is give space to those feelings and admit that they exist. By watching our feelings, we realize that we're more than they are. We can live with our feelings without avoidance or condemnation. 

I see emotion as an effect, emotion is something that affects you. 

In my works I solve my sensual issues, connected to my experiences, so that through them the viewers solve their sensual tasks.


There is something reflected in us, some part of pain, some part of joy - I want to give the viewer the opportunity to be with it, to seduce to life, to reproduce their feelings consciously.  

To find in yourself a feeling of fullness and connection with your life.


Currently I'm painting acrylic on canvas. I am constantly studying, improving my skills and drawing inspiration from other artists, participating in competitions.

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